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About SINA Mobility

SINA Mobility embodies the idea of Swachh Indhan Next-gen Advanced Mobility.
At SINA, we believe that the future is electric.
And while we knew this was the way forward, our horizon spanned much wider than that.
We wanted commuting to be sustainable and safe while offering urban commuters with a new level of luxury and comfort. The brainchild- a one-of-a kind, futuristic, auto-balancing e-bike, engineered with our in-house technology and featuring a completely enclosed cabin, was developed.

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Who We Are


Rishabh Sinha - CEO

Rishabh studied Automotive Design at SPD University, Milan. He has always been inspired to challenge transport problems by exploring new solutions, Rishabh's design philosphy is to create smart, progressive vehicles without compromising on quality, that help to build a safer world.

Adnan Hashmi - CMO

Adnan, a passionate petrolhead since childhood, holds an MBA (UK). His years of experience at Volkswagen helped him to see the auto industry up close. Adnan was also part of the Motormind Hyperion1 sports car unveiling tearn at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo. Over the years, he has been successful in building an extensive network in the global automotive world.


To redefine and revolutionize the travel experience of daily commuters, by engineering a distinct, efficient, state-of-the-art e-bike. Our goal is to create a sustainable future for commuters. We aim to reduce commute times and road accidents, and offer travellers with a journey that is next level and enjoyable. Our pride lies in our vision to put 'Made in India' and 'Designed in India' on the global map.


We at SINA Mobility strive to be the vanguards of the automotive world by creating a benchmark for electric vehicles. We want our bikes to offer a high quality feel and to be able to be completely clean and efficient at the same time.

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Combining brilliance and cutting edge technology to lead the way for a new niche. The Version E brings sophistication and flair to the EV industry.

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Going above and beyond the existing standards of the automotive industry.