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About the The Version-E

An ultra modern electric bike that will transform you into the future. The Version-E stands out with respect to design. It's fully enclosed, spacious, uber stylish shell is air conditioned and provides riders with the sheltered comfort of a car. This means that you are safe from harsh weather, pollution and loud noise, while on the move. The bike is engineered with our in house auto balancing technology that prevents the bike from falling and makes commuting pleasant and easy, especially in cases of stop and-go traffic, cruising, or sudden braking.

Version-E has the perfect blend of design and safety features- contoured bucket seats, doors that are designed to enable car like ingress/egress, a seat belt, ABS and air bag systems in case of impact or collision. The bike also supports reverse mode.

Product Specifications

4.8 kWh
Battery charge
4.5 hours to full charge, standard home charger, swappable at our swapping stations
Top speed
85 kmph
180 kms (as per IDC)
5 Kw