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About the The Version-E

An ultra modern electric bike that will transform you into the future. The Version-E stands out with respect to design. It's fully enclosed, spacious, uber stylish shell is air conditioned and provides riders with the sheltered comfort of a car. This means that you are safe from harsh weather, pollution and loud noise, while on the move. The bike is engineered with our in house auto balancing technology that prevents the bike from falling and makes commuting pleasant and easy, especially in cases of stop and-go traffic, cruising, or sudden braking.

Version-E has the perfect blend of design and safety features- contoured bucket seats, doors that are designed to enable car like ingress/egress, a seat belt, ABS and air bag systems in case of impact or collision. The bike also supports reverse mode.

Product Specifications

4.8 kWh
Battery charge
4.5 hours to full charge, standard hotel charger, swappable at our swapping stations
Top speed
85 kmph
180 kms (as per IDC)
5 Kw

Investor Relations

Two things-the EV industry, and a start up company-we're a match made in business heaven.As the global auto industry enters a paradigm shift, worldwide investments in the EV industry surged to 28% in 2020, amounting to an estimated 139 billion US$. By 2030, the industry is estimated to serve as an opportunity worth 206 billion US$. According to BNEF Outlook Report, by 2040, EV's will outsell traditional engine vehicles with a market share of about 60% and will displace 1 million barrels of oil per day.

India is heading to electrification as more and more policymakers are looking to go completely electric. Surging oil prices and road accidents: being constantly on the rise have prompted many to adopt EV's. As far as SINA Mobility is concerned, we've tapped into a very exclusive niche, by offering a unique, two-wheeled vehicle that is not just electric, but also completely enclosed. This is where our product stands out in comparison to other electric bikes. With the Version-E, we aim to provide the solutions for two of the biggest road travel concerns-safety and sustainability. With our sleek, avant-grade design we have proven that optimum efficiency can be achieved without compromising on style.

Now let's talk about why investing in a start up is so promising. Indian startups are paving the way for successful businesses by raising $6.5 billion funding in April-June 2021 quarter. A total of 53 unicorns exist in the Indian start up market as of June 2021. Growth stage funding accounts for 61% of the total deal value. Indian startups are disrupting the market with deep impact. At SINA, we plan to adopt a vigorous market approach for our product across omni-channels, both-offline and online.

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